Winter Camping


Join us for an overnight skills course in winter camping. This course is intended for first-time winter campers, climbers, skiers, and anyone else who recreates in winter. It could come in handy should you find yourself in an unplanned bivouac in winter. Plus – it’ll be fun. Perfect for private groups, families, and others who want to share a winter camping experience while learning important skills.

Winter camping requires attention to detail in regard to equipment. It also requires thoughtful preparation. You’ll learn about winter equipment essentials and what to pack.

In addition, you’ll learn how to build a snow cave and quinsy and the protocols for using tents. You’ll have the option of sleeping in either of these important survival structures.

Other skills to be covered include:

  • Cooking and winter “kitchens”
  • Techniques for staying warm
  • Winter back-country travel
  • Leave No Trace
  • Food, nutrition, hydration
  • Weather factors


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