Basic Self-Rescue

1 Person–$360.00
2 People–$540
3 People–$645
4 People–$640
5 People–$700
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Have you ever wondered what you’d do in the event of a forced retreat from a climb? Or worse, needing to come to the aid of your partner who needs a rescue on a climb. This self-rescue course will teach you techniques to deal quickly and safely with many situations.

Curriculum includes:

  • Assisting a climber on top rope who is stuck on the rock unable to go up or come down
  • Techniques to escape the belay in order to go to the assistance of another climber
  • Ascending techniques
  • Leader and second rescue
  • Construction of a rope litter and belay on low angle terrain
  • Knots / Hitches and devices
  • Load releasable systems

AMGA Accredited Business

Colorado Department of Human Services

Association for Experiential Education Member

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