Jake Wallace

Jake was born and raised in the corn fields of Iowa where he learned how to fix fences, build barns and throw hay bales larger than cows.   This “broad as a barn” chested farm boy has trouble fitting through slot canyons, doorways, and into reasonably sized shirts.  Life has been nothing but an adventure for Jake Wallace.  He has lived in several Patagonian countries working as a mountain and river guide guide, skied and taught elementary school in Seattle, worked as a wilderness medic in Ecuador, completed a Masters in Public Health in Iowa, and dabbled as a carpenter and bike builder on the side. He works for NOLS WMI as a wilderness medicine instructor. Jake is a professional mountain guide which takes him around the world to beautiful mountains and rivers.  His love for the outdoors started early as his dad took him climbing at age 2 and skiing at age 3.  He was hooked instantly. Jake believes that  life is meant to be lived as an exclamation!  His passion for youth and to make an impact on those around him, combined with his zest for the outdoors is what brought him to KMAC.

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Colorado Department of Human Services

Association for Experiential Education Member