Winter Programs

Rocky Mountain National Park and the Estes Valley are national destinations for winter sports and outdoor education. While the mountains in winter can pose serious and very real dangers to the unwary, with the right equipment, guidance, and local knowledge, back-country travelers can enjoy and experience the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park in winter.

KMAC guides are experts on the local terrain in Rocky Mountain National Park. Hiring a guide  is one of the best ways to maximize your time and learn about the latest equipment, current snow conditions, and where to go. Whether your goal is to learn how to enjoy our mountains in winter, or if you have a specific destination in mind, we are here to help. Please contact KMAC to hire a guide or to seek advice or information on local conditions.

Snow Shoeing

Winter outings can be overwhelming to a first-timer. The large amount of necessary equipment, determining weather and snow conditions, and where to go can seem daunting.  The consequences for mistakes in any of these categories can turn a winter outing into an adventure that may become very difficult and unpleasant.   With the help and expertise of a KMAC guide, these issues can be avoided. Our goal is your enjoyment and learning.  Your guide will share with you their local knowledge and expertise not only from the technical side, but also their knowledge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

For those with aspirations of going higher and perhaps seeking a winter summit adventure, let KMAC suggest an outing based on your goals. Please contact KMAC to schedule your outing.

Ski Guiding & Instruction


Discover back-country skiing in Rocky Mountain National Park. You’ll be able to tour in the mountains seeking summits and that much sought after powder stash.

KMAC guides will share their local knowledge and experience not only from the equipment and instructional side, but also their knowledge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

We suggest Alpine touring or a heavy weight free heel ski system. Call us to get our latest input on the newest and best gear.

Included in the cost is all necessary avalanche safety equipment. The Mountain Shop located in Estes Park is our rental supplier.

Notes on skiing with a Guide:  Skiing with a guide can be a lot of fun although a few things may be a bit different than skiing around your local area with friends. A few tips for traveling with a guide on skis are discussed below.

Your guide’s job is basically to help you maximize the fun, travel efficiently, and minimize the risks associated with traveling in the mountain environment. They will help you with your gear and take the necessary steps to complete your tour and ascent. They will assess and teach you about local avalanche conditions. Your guide looks for the best snow and the best skiing within the constraints of managing risks.

Please contact KMAC for pricing and to schedule private ski tours. We’ll suggest a number of tours based on you and your group’s goals.

Rocky Mountain National Park High Level Ski Mountaineering Tour

1 Person–$1,800.00
2 People–$2200
3 People–$3300
4 People–$4400
Large groups? Contact Us


Pioneered by Harry Kent many years ago, this world classic ski mountaineering tour takes in a large section of major terrain in RMNP. Unlike a hut trip, this is a physically demanding adventure that requires a minimum level of intermediate skiing and mountaineering experience. Most of the tour keeps at elevations between 10,000 and 11,000 feet with several sections above 12,000 feet. We’ll travel through Wild Basin and Boulder Grand Pass, Lake Nakoni, the Ptarmigan Peaks, Andrews pass and many more known and some not so well known places.

If you’re up for adventure and wish to complete one of the finest ski mountaineering tours in the country, please contact us for more information. Consider scheduling this tour privately if the recommended months of March, April, and May do not suit your schedule.

(4-5 days)


Winter Camping

1 Person–$600.00
2 People–$800
3 People–$1200
Large groups? Contact Us

great quincyJoin us for an overnight skills course in winter camping. This course is intended for first-time winter campers, climbers, skiers, and anyone else who recreates in winter. It could come in handy should you find yourself in an unplanned bivouac in winter. Plus – It’ll be fun. Perfect for private groups, families, and others who want to share a winter camping experience while learning important skills.

Winter camping requires attention to detail in regard to equipment. It also requires thoughtful preparation. You’ll learn about winter equipment essentials and what to pack. In addition, you’ll learn how to build a snow cave and quinsy and the protocols for using tents. You’ll have the option of sleeping in either of these important survival structures.

Other skills to be covered include:

  • Cooking and winter “kitchens”
  • Techniques for staying warm
  • Winter back-country travel
  • Leave No Trace
  • Food, nutrition, hydration
  • Weather factors

Winter Mountaineering Camps

1 Person–$1,200.00
2 People–$1600
3 People–$2400
4 People–$3200
Large groups? Contact Us

These 4 days winter mountaineering camps are well suited for individuals as well as high school, colleges, and clubs. If scheduled dates do not fit your calendar, please contact us to schedule privately.

We’ll get outfitted and geared up on day one and begin skiing or snow shoeing into base camp. Tents or snow caves will be our home as we indulge in the Alpine winter. The second day we’ll sample some ice or acclimatize with a tour. On day 3 we’ll strike out early from camp and attempt a summit of our choice based on conditions. Day 4 sees us breaking camp and heading back to the creature comforts of Estes Park. This is a great course for beginner mountaineers wishing to learn and experience mountaineering in winter.

Mountaineering Camp Venues:

  • Black Lake Cirque
  • Ypsilon Mountain
  • Finch Lake
  • Longs Peak Cirque

Introduction to Ice Climbing

1 Person–$225.00
2 People–$450
3 People–$675
4 People–$900
Large groups? Contact Us

You’ll work with state of the art ice tools in this one day outing. Starting with proper crampon techniques, we’ll advance to single and multiple ice axe use. Only after being comfortable with these newly acquired skills will we venture into steeper ground. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about ice screw placement, and get on some vertical ice. Perfect for beginners.

Intermediate & Advanced Ice Climbing

1 Person–$225.00
2 People–$450
3 People–$675
4 People–$900
Large groups? Contact Us

Also one day, this course begins where the intro course leaves off. We’ll get down to “business” on vertical ice and begin learning  more advanced tool and foot placements that are necessary to ascend. More in-depth instruction on placing ice screws and setting up belays will be covered. This is the perfect class to take just before a winter mountaineering camp or before heading out on a mixed alpine climb. Contact us for recommendations.

Ice climbing is offered in season from November through April.

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