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Welcome to Kent Mountain Adventure Center’s School Programs.

4028 years and going Strong! That’s not a typo. For 26 years we’ve stayed the course that defined our mission on day 1: “to provide personal growth through adventure.” We’ve accomplished this mission with a commitment to every student that is exemplary in the industry with rock climbing, canyoneering, backpacking, environmental education, ropes courses, private guiding, school groups, summer camps and more.

Over 6000 students between the ages of 9 and 65 have experienced the KMAC curriculum. Whether it  was rock climbing, a wilderness experience, outdoor education, or a team development ropes course, participants got more than an adventure. They were challenged, encouraged to think, and allowed to look at themselves, their limits, and those around them—realizing they can make choices.  KMAC students are empowered to make decisions, look at the results, and then move forward, all along under the constant supervision and gentle guidance of their instructors.

It is not necessarily what we do at KMAC that is unusual. It is the approach we take towards our students that sets us apart. Participants are given the chance to discover and find excitement in their lives.  We meet them on their terms, with an unconditional positive regard for who they are. We do not “push,” but rather “nudge” our students to go just outside their own unique zones of comfort to experience what that feels like.

KMAC is licensed by the State of Colorado to conduct courses and trip camps for adolescents and is accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association.  We are members of the Association for Experiential Education and the Worldwide Outfitter and Guides Association, which provides safety management guidelines for outdoor adventure programs.

Over the past 28 years, KMAC has been selected as the wilderness trip provider for public and private schools, camps, and groups from around the country. It is important to us that you know how dedicated we are to our participants and their experience at KMAC. Here, we share a portion of this list with you.

KMAC Partners

We are proud to be associated with the following schools and organizations:


Aurora, CO

  • High Tech Early College

Boulder, CO

  • Alexander Dawson High School
  • John Paul Adventure Institute

Castle Rock, CO

  • Renaissance Magnet School

Denver, CO

  • Colorado Academy
  • Morey Middle School
  • Logan School
  • Herzl Jewish Day School
  • J-CC Ranch Camp
  • Colorado Charter High School

Englewood, CO

  • Cherry Hills Village Elementary
  • West Middle School
  • Cherry Creek High School

Estes Park, CO

  • Cheley Colorado Camps
  • Estes Park YMCA
  • Highlands Presbyterian Camp and conference center

Fort Collins, CO

  • Colorado State University


Chicago, IL

  • The Road Less Traveled

Oak Park, IL

  • Chicago Waldorf


Grosse Point, MI

  • Grosse Point Academy


Denton, TX

  • Liberty Christian School

Houston TX

  • Cornerstone
  • Hill Country Youth Ranch
  • Young Presidents Organization

El Paso, TX

  • St. Clements Episcopal School
  • Good Sheppard Episcopal School


  • Elmsford, NY
  • Camp Echo Lake

Backpacking Courses


IMG_3483The wilderness offers a powerful and unique tool for strengthening and enriching young minds.

Designed for quick access to the Front Range Mountains in Colorado, this 3 or 4 day course incorporates just about all the elements of a longer back pack  and Outdoor Education in a short amount of time. Instruction in packing a backpack, map and compass, wilderness cooking skills, camp craft, rock climbing, and Leave No Trace principles are just some of the course curriculum. Our goal is to have students return to their “normal” lives having experienced success,  increased confidence, and knowledge about nature.

We’ll provide transportation to the trail head where we’ll pack up and begin hiking into camp.  After setting up our tarps and “kitchen”, well explore our surroundings and prepare dinner.  We’ll have group time before settling into our sleeping bags.  On day two we’ll rock climb.  Day 3 brings some more advanced orienteering, a peak ascent, journaling, and nature study.  The last day we’ll have our final closure, break camp and hike out to the trail head and home.

This is an ideal course for 6th grade level and up.

Twenty eight years ago Kent Mountain Adventure Center founded its “mini” expedition model which is designed around experiential learning. Since then, thousands of students have experienced the curriculum which focuses on personal growth through adventure. Over decades of working with top-notch teachers and outdoor educators, KMAC has developed a variety of programs and options to take any sized group with any set of goals and create a custom course to suit those needs.



If your school or group is tight on time, let us design a shorter adventure course for your students. We’ll provide the gear, food, transportation and guides. One or two nights can give your group a mountain experience from our secluded and private base camp in Estes Park:

  • Rock climbing
  • LNT and interpretive instruction
  • Map, compass and orienteering
  • Ascent of Old Man Mountain right from KMAC basecamp
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Extraordinary views of the high peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park


Custom Courses are available for individuals, families, private groups, schools and clubs. We routinely custom design programs for groups specifically centered on your goals and needs. Contact us and we’ll tailor a program for your group or team.

Course lengths can range from 3 days to as much as two weeks in the mountains.
Please contact KMAC for more information on programming an expedition for your group.


Summer Journey

Utah Hiking, Rock Climbing, and Camping Adventure:

Dates: April 1 through 6:
Cost: $750
Ages: 12-14

The red Wingate sandstone of the Utah Canyonlands soars 600 feet above our heads as we pick our way down the narrow canyon floor. We round a bend and encounter the breathtaking cliff dwellings of the Anasazi, who lived here more than 1,000 years ago.
We’ll explore these ruins and learn about the lives of the Anasazi. By day we’ll hike, climb and scramble in one of the most awesome landscapes on Earth. By night we’ll learn to identify the constellations twinkling on the pure black sky above our camp.
We’ll end this trip with one last stop– a leisurely soak in the famed Glenwood Hot Springs Pool!
Don’t miss this one. It’s the adventure of a lifetime!
This course is perfect for school groups during Fall or Spring break, or to schedule privately. We have 28 years of experience designing custom outdoor adventure courses for groups and individuals from across the country. Please call or email us for details at (970) 586-5990.

Please contact KMAC for more information on programming an expedition for your group.

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