Via Ferrata

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A Guided Climbing Experience

Experience climbing the Via Ferrata – an exhilarating way to enjoy the thrill of mountain rock.

The Via Ferrata is a unique experience that falls somewhere between scrambling and technical rock climbing, something like a ropes course up a cliff. While it is physically demanding, the system of cables and ladders allow even non-experienced climbers to ascend the 600 foot tall cliff.  All you need is to have good fitness and at least a passing ability to deal with heights.

Guests, accompanied by KMAC guides, are secured to the pathway system of anchored steel cables as they ascend using natural rock features, ladders, and steel steps. While you ascend, you’ll enjoy stunning vistas of Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding valley typically only reserved for rock climbers!

Via Ferrata means “Iron Path,” originating from the metal ladders and cables used by the Italian military in WWI to ascend and traverse steep rock and mountain terrain. Via ferratas are an extremely popular sport in the European Alps and now you can experience that thrill here in Estes Park, Colorado!

The Via Ferrata routes offer different levels of challenge and can cover up to 600 feet of vertical climbing. It is a perfect activity for building a team and group.

The Via Ferrata can be enjoyed by individuals, couples, families, and groups young and old. It’s the perfect way to share in a unique climbing adventure. We can even adjust the level of difficulty based on your adrenaline wishes! Please contact us if party members are below the age of 12 and we can program your outing to include them.

No previous rock climbing experience is necessary to ascend the Via Ferrata. Get this checked off your bucket list now and take the whole family!

*Please Note:  Via Ferrata Access is not open to the public. Users must be accompanied by a KMAC guide.



Unfortunately, due to limitations on the lanyards that connect you to the Via Ferrata system, we cannot accept guests over 240 pounds. 

How long does it take?

The approach hike takes about 45 minutes. An average Via Ferrata tour ranges from 2 to 5 hours depending on the group size, comfort at heights, and speed of ascent.

How safe is the Via Ferrata?

Like rock climbing, the Via Ferrata has inherent risks that are different from normal day to day living. KMAC works to minimize these risks through guide training and proper equipment management. That said, if Via Ferrata participants are attentive and focus on their respective responsibilities within the group the risks involved are very low-safer than driving we always say.

Can I get off the Via Ferrata once I’ve started the climb?

Yes. There are several escape points on the Via Feratta, should you decide you do not want to continue.

I’m scared of heights, should I climb the Via Ferrata?

If you have a general, healthy fear of heights you should be okay. If you are intensely scared of heights, this might not be the best activity for you, but you probably already knew that…

What do I wear?

Dress in layers so you can make adjustments as you warm up or cool down. In general wear comfy, loose-fitting clothing that does not restrict your movement. Most climbers prefer to wear pants or capris to keep their knees covered.

What should I bring on the Via Ferrata?

  • Day pack (15-30 liters)
  • Rain jacket
  • Lightweight hiking shoes/boots
  • Extra upper body layer
  • Pants
  • Water (2 quarts)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera/GoPro
  • A snack or lunch to eat throughout the day.

Rock Climbing Programs

Programs range from a fun day on the rocks for the whole family to personalized private guiding in Rocky Mountain National Park. You’ll work closely with KMAC and your guide to design an outing suitable for your goals and ambitions.


Private Guiding and Instruction

Private instruction maximizes your time and exposure on the rock. It is one of the most popular ways to climb with KMAC.

By scheduling with a KMAC guide you will be able to custom design an outing to exclusively meet your goals. From local crags to multi-pitch climbs deep into Rocky Mountain National Park, your guide will help you to achieve what you want.  You’ll  talk with your guide before your outing to determine what venue options and terrain difficulty will suit your ambitions.  Please call or book on-line to make a reservation.

Upon request KMAC rock climbing guides are trained to provide “one on one” and group instruction for visitors with special needs who want to experience climbing.


For Women

KMAC is proud to have experienced female guides on staff. Whether you’re looking to try rock climbing for the first time, learn more about systems and techniques, or get on alpine routes in the park, we have female guides who can show you the ropes. Our guides are happy to give other women the “beta” or instruction they need to feel confident on the rock.


Want to learn how to crack climb? Hold on through the crux in an overhang? Lead trad? Our guides will work with you to design the perfect trip — from a 3-hour Taste of Climbing to a full weekend clinic. All you need to do is request a female instructor when booking.

Taste of Rock Climbing 3-4 hours

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1 Person–$220.00
2 People–$280
3 People–$360
4 People–$400
5 People–$450
6 People–$510
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An introduction to climbing for individuals and groups wanting to experience outdoor climbing.

Based on your experience and group make up, we will select a climbing venue. Because of KMAC’s long history in the area, we have more permits for local climbing areas than anyone else. We can choose from many sites that are all minutes away from town, so you’ll be able to gear up, cover the basics, and begin climbing and rappelling right away!

Perfect for individuals, small children, and groups. The Taste of Climbing can be scheduled anytime during the day for your convenience. When thinking about what time you would like to start keep in mind around 95% of mornings have good weather here, and about 50% of afternoons do. Please contact us if you have any questions.

*Note:  Last Minute Reservations –  We appreciate at least three days notice to make a reservation.  Within three days of your preferred dates, please call our office and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Sport Climbing Adventure (6-Hours)

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1 Person–$290.00
2 People–$410
3 People–$495
4 People–$520
5 People–$575
6 People–$600
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Our best entry level trip. This day isn’t any harder than a 4 hour trip, but the extra 2 hours allow us the time to hike a little further. The 4 hour trip is so quick that we need to go to places with a very short hike in. The 6 Hour trip lets us hike further in, usually to Jurassic Park, a world-class venue with over 50 different climbs from super easy (5.5) to very challenging (5.12). The hike in takes about 40 minutes, but everyone agrees it was worth it. The cliffs sit on top of a small mountain on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park with epic views in all directions.

If you have climbed in a gym before and are ready to make the move to climbing outdoors, this is the premier day, one you will never forget. Please contact us if you have any questions.

*Note:  Last Minute Reservations –  We appreciate at least three days notice to make a reservation. Within three days of your preferred dates, please call our office and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Trad Climbing Adventure (full-day)

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1 Person–$360.00
2 People–$540
3 People–$645
4 People–$640
5 People–$700
6 People–$720
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This is it, your dream day! A full day of climbing at your choice of crag with everything Estes Valley has to offer.



If you want to sport climb we can go to Jurassic Park, the Monastery, or the Wizards Gate. If you like cracks we have Lumpy Ridge, or the Crags of Twin Sisters. There are literally thousands of pitches we can choose from. Let us know what your perfect day of climbing is, and we will make it happen.

“Gym to Crag Instruction”

Have you been lead climbing in the gym and you want to start going outdoors? One of your friends is teaching you to trad climb, but you want more formal instruction? This course covers the basic gear, skills, and techniques necessary for safe single-pitch climbing. Curriculum includes:

– lead belaying with multiple devices

– leading sport climbs

– evaluating trad gear placements

– building and cleaning anchors

– rappelling

Just put that you would like a gym to crag lesson in the notes and we will take it from there!!



Please contact us if you have any questions.

*Note:  Last Minute Reservations –  We appreciate at least three days notice to make a reservation.  Within three days of your preferred dates, please call our office and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Groups and Families

Climb at KMAC’s own private rock site or at other group venues in the Estes Park valley. Experience the Tyrolean Traverse! Half and full day  outings are available. Whatever you choose, we’ll tailor  for you.

These outings are about being together, learning the basics, and are just plain fun. Great for company team building, families, reunions, and wedding parties. Please contact us for group family rates and advanced bookings.

Upon request KMAC rock climbing guides are trained to provide “one on one” and group instruction for visitors with special needs who want to experience climbing.

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Alpine Climbing

The Alpine- There’s no place quite like it; the zone in the high peaks where rock and snow define the landscape.

Whether it is a pure rock climb or a combination of the 3 disciplines (rock, snow, ice), for climbers there is no better way to practice our craft than in the alpine surrounded by high peaks.

Climbers come from all over the world to climb in Rocky Mountain National Park. The climbing options abound for all abilities. From shorter classics, to longer and steeper routes, it’s all here right out our door.

Please call for information and suggestions for your alpine climb. KMAC guides will work closely with you offering climbing suggestions to design your outing.

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Here are a few of our Alpine favorites: * Notes as one of the “Fifty Classic Climbs in North America”.

Pure Rock

Petite Grepon, South Face – (5.8 – 8 pitches – 2.5 hour approach)

Incredible climbing, this climb is on the list of the 50 best climbs in North America for a reason. Fun and interesting features lead to a summit floating in the sky no bigger than a strip of sidewalk.

Hallets North Face: Noted for its reasonable 2 hour approach to the base, this historic climb in the alpine has just about everything-   Face, cracks, and wonderful stemming all in a position of unrivaled beauty.

Culp Bosier – (5.8)

Jackson Johnson – 7 pitches, (5.9)

Love Route- 6 pitches, (5.8)

Spear Head:  3 hour approach

East Ridge (5.6 – 6 pitches –): Incredible setting and very enjoyable climbing up a ridge line to the summit of a spire in the middle of one of the most beautiful cirques on earth.

North East Ascent – Scrambling leads up to the spectacular traverse to the very end point of the actual Spears Head with exposure you remember forever.

Sharks Tooth:  3 hour approach.

South Face – 5 pitches 5.4

South Ridge – 5 pitches 5.8

Notchtop Mountain:   2 hour approach.

Spiral route – 6 pitches, 5.5 –   Very enjoyable outing, the climbing will never be overly difficult but the exposure will steadily rise as the valley floor recedes. Excellent first alpine climb.

South Face – 7 pitches, 5.9 – Excellent crack climbing always in the sun and exposed.

Beginner Alpine Climb, the Little Matterhorn – (4th to low 5th class):  Perfect for beginners, families and young children.  After a two hour hike you begin scrambling on the lower slopes to gain the Little Matterhorn ridge.  We’ll follow this ridge roped together meandering from side to side as the exposure increases.

Longs Peak

Casual Route on the Diamond of Longs Peak (5.10a – 12 pitches – 4 hour approach): A serious and committing climb, despite the name. The Diamond is one of the most coveted alpine walls to climb in America on the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park (14,259ft). High altitude and exposure challenge even the most experienced climbers here.  When one is ready, this will be the climb of a lifetime.

Keyhole Ridge – 8 pitches, 5.5 (pure rock and seldom climbed classic)

Keyhole – Early season rock, snow, ice – Rock after July 1

Mixed Climbing

Longs Peak

Keyhole – Early season rock, snow, ice – Rock after July 1
Keiners East Face- Rock, snow, ice
North Face – Early season rock, snow, ice – Rock after July 1
Stetners Ledges – Early season rock, snow, ice – Rock after July 1

McHenrys Peak

Stone Man’s Pass- Rock and snow

Ypsilon Mountain

Blitzen Ridge – Rock and snow

Powell/Taylor  – Ice, Rock, and snow

Those Seeking Adventure and Solitude:

Deep in Rocky Mountain National Park we have found not only classic high quality climbs, but a pristine and peaceful experience.  The ascent is just one part of the journey. These climbs will almost certainly offer complete in a wilderness setting. The approaches will be longer, usually requiring a long hike in (10+ miles) and bivy at the base, climbing the second day. Though hundreds exist, here are a few of our favorites that amount to a “mini” expedition:  The rewards outweigh the effort.

Hayden Spire: A long day of hiking and complicated off trail navigation leads to the base of Hayden Spire, deep in Forrest Canyon. Climbs from 5.4 to 5.9 lead up these remote towers.

Aiguille de Fleur: An eight mile approach from the West side of RMNP leads to the impressive Aiguille de Fleur (flower tower), a remote and seldom visited fin of rock, considered the best on the West side. Seven pitches (routes range from 5.6-5.9) lead to a magical flower garden from which the name comes from.


Chaos Canyon has, for over a decade, been the premier destination for summertime sending. With our history in the Estes valley, KMAC has long staffed crusher boulderers. Those same climbers are now highly trained guides ready to take you into the alpine!

KMAC bouldering guides give you not only a highly competent mountain guide, but an expert on the area who knows move-by-move beta on all the classics. Many of our guides put up the First Ascents of problems you will try, so they have a unique perspective on the area.

Guided bouldering is a great option for those here for a short time who want to maximize their time on the rocks with a knowledgeable guide and KMAC’s rental crashpads.

KMAC is also the perfect option for climbing teams or other groups that want a program that takes care of all the logistics of a climbing trip. We can design a course, based out of our private campground just outside RMNP, to let you have an epic week of sending. KMAC can cover everything from highly nutritious meals to transportation to enough pads to send the gnarliest highball to move-by-move beta. Contact us for pricing and options.

Basic Self-Rescue

1 Person–$360.00
2 People–$540
3 People–$645
4 People–$640
5 People–$700
Large groups? Contact Us

Have you ever wondered what you’d do in the event of a forced retreat from a climb? Or worse, needing to come to the aid of your partner who needs a rescue on a climb. This self-rescue course will teach you techniques to deal quickly and safely with many situations.

Curriculum includes:

  • Assisting a climber on top rope who is stuck on the rock unable to go up or come down
  • Techniques to escape the belay in order to go to the assistance of another climber
  • Ascending techniques
  • Leader and second rescue
  • Construction of a rope litter and belay on low angle terrain
  • Knots / Hitches and devices
  • Load releasable systems

Self-Rescue 2

1 Person–$360.00
2 People–$540
3 People–$645
4 People–$640
5 People–$700
Large groups? Contact Us

Often scheduled as a follow-up to the Basic Self-Rescue, this course takes off where basic self-rescue leaves off.

In addition to reviewing much of the above curriculum, other skills to be learned will include:

  • Multi pitch descending
  • Load releasable systems
  • Assisted rappelling

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