Stanley Hotel Partners with KMAC for Winter Outings

Winter Packages

7,500 feet above the ordinary

The Stanley Hotel and renowned outfitter Kent Mountain Adventure Center have teamed up to create the ultimate way to play in stay in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) Winter 2018! From snow shoeing, cross county skiing, back-country skiing, ice climbing and more through exclusive locations in the park, we have something to satisfy everyone’s adventure needs!

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Basecamp Winter Activities menu 2018

  • Family Adventure Package- snow shoeing, cross country skiing
  • Couples Adventure Package- snow shoeing, cross country skiing
  • Adrenaline Package- Ice climbing, back-country skiing and snow boarding, winter summit Flattop Mountain

There’s a New Way to Play this Winter…
And Where We Take You, There Are No Lift Lines, Guaranteed.
Check out the winter package offerings while staying at the Stanley Hotel. Guests can choose from any number of winter outing adventures! Check back soon for summer hotel adventure packages.

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Winter Vacation Packages

There Is More to Being a Guide Than Meets the Mountain



“I am 61 years old.  My longest “hike” was to Chasm Lake, a relatively easy hike as those who have taken it would attest to.  Even to Chasm Lake, I had never utilized a real backpack, just a waist pack to hold a couple of bottles of water and some snacks.

On Monday, September 18, 2017, I climbed to the summit of Long’s Peak.

I can state with total certainty that this journey and accomplishment would have NEVER been successful without the experience, support and encouragement that my KMAC guide, Ms. Amanda Harper, constantly and so thoughtfully provided during our 15 hour adventure.  It was not only her professionalism, but her caring and thoughtful attitude that instilled the confidence that was needed for me to reach the summit.

It is truly hard for me to put into words how this experience has affected my life.  I will FOREVER be in her debt, as she ensured my safety and allowed me to experience what so few people will ever experience…reaching the summit of a 14ner.

Thank you KMAC.  And, thank you Amanda, my friend and mountain guide.  You will be in my prayers and thoughts for the rest of my life.”

USA Today Goes Cliff Camping

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KMAC awarded Rocky Mountain National Park Concession for Climbing and Mountaineering

KMAC is now an authorized Concessionaire in partnership with the National Park Service to provide commercial guiding in RMNP. This is a huge honor that required a rigorous and exhaustive review of KMAC’s guide service by the National Park Department of the Interior. Stay tuned for expanded program offerings that will include alpine rock and ice climbing, avalanche education, ski mountaineering, and more. We are psyched to take our climbing camps and individual guests into the Alpine of Rocky Mountain National Park!