Mobile Low Ropes Course

If you can’t travel, or your group is too large, consider our mobile ropes course. WE COME TO YOU!

“…a ropes course is the Swiss Army Knife of experiential education.” – Mike Stratton

KMAC believes not only in a wilderness experience and its value in personal growth and development, but also in the power of teamwork and problem solving through activities called initiatives. Working together as a unit, groups and individuals benefit from the challenges they will meet on the course. The low ropes course is a mobile unit that can be set up easily in any location. It can be set up at your school, a park, picnic area, etc. The course utilizes boards, ropes, planks, and cables set up in challenging situations that involve decision making, problem solving, communication and group cooperation. KMAC staff are trained to facilitate and “read” the group to highlight its strength and identify its weakness. Throughout the day we’ll do a lot of group processing, which involves discussions about what is happening within the group, how to define success, and how to go about achieving it. Students are able to share their thoughts and concerns about the group in an environment which allows for considerable growth and development for individuals and group alike. This custom course day is a great team building tool for all types of schools and ages that have a common goal at hand.

What is the purpose behind our mobile low ropes course?

  • To increase self-esteem of group members.
  • To strategize and experience success in problem solving
  • To increase positive group support between members.
  • To increase group trust.
  • Identify and improve communication skills.
  • Experience success
  • To increase understanding and acceptance of individual group members.
  • To exceed perceived individual limits.


  • Your school’s fields
  • A local park
  • On our 10 acre site in Estes Park

AMGA Accredited Business

Colorado Department of Human Services

Association for Experiential Education Member