Youth Climbing Camps

The KMAC Youth Rock Climbing Camps are designed to make the connection and to bridge between indoor and outdoor climbing. Specifically, we aim to blend the best qualities of a traditional summer camp experience, the subtle observations and skills of a top-level indoor coach, and the risk management/technical skills of AMGA trained guides. Students will leave with a baseline of knowledge that will inform a lifetime of good decisions, not to mention they will have one of the best weeks of their lives.

Students sleep in tents at KMAC’s private 10 acre secluded base camp outside Estes Park bordering Rocky Mountain National Park. Participants need only provide their own personal clothing items, a sleeping bag and pad. You’ll receive an equipment list upon registering.

*Students should be in good physical shape and be able to carry a 30lb pack.

Note: For full immersion in the climbing camps we have scheduled them to run consecutively to allow for a full 2 week camp. Students do not need to have taken beginner camps to enroll in the intermediate or advanced camps.

Departures and Returns

All courses originate and end from KMAC’s headquarters on Deer Ridge in Estes Park. We provide pickup and drop-off at Denver International Airport for students arriving by plane for $30 each way.

Participants traveling by car should arrive in Estes Park at 11:00am on the course starting date. Lunch will be provided at KMAC. Pick-up time is 11:00am on the course ending date.

Participants traveling by air should schedule their arrival at Denver International Airport between 8:00am and 11:00am on the course starting date. A KMAC employee will meet your child at the airport. Departing flights should depart DIA between 8:00am and 11:00am on the course return date. Please contact KMAC before making flight reservations.


Upcoming Youth Climbing Camps Schedule

Bouldering Masterclass

Monday, July 15thMonday, July 22nd 2019

1 Person–$1,480.00

(Ages:  14 – 17)   This is an advanced course designed for students who think bouldering is life. Many are on comp teams and compete at national bouldering competitions, though this is not a requirement for participation. All we ask is that you can send V6 or harder in your home gym.

Much of the course will take place in Chaos Canyon and other mega-classic bouldering areas of Rocky Mountain National Park. KMAC guide-coaches will lead nightly discussions and topics that will include: injury prevention, advanced training techniques, nutrition, and many other advanced skills. Each student will get to pick a “project” and return several times over the week to work out beta and go for the send! We will focus on pushing our climbing to the next level without injuries. This isn’t just a week of relaxing vacation, we will get up each day and focus on hard climbing and training.

This course is directed by TJ Sanford, a nationally recognized coach who, for the past 10 years, has worked with teams all over the country to build programs which have led many of his students to podium at Nationals. He will bring his vast experience each day as we dive, head first into some of the sickest boulders in America.



Elite Climbing Camp

Monday, July 22ndMonday, July 29th 2019

1 Person–$1,645.00

(Ages: 14-17 ) The Elite Climbing Camp is designed for advanced climbers wanting to take their climbing to the next level. We recommend you can climb at least 5.12 in your local gym to attend. This course is staffed not only by AMGA trained guides but also by elite level coaches and trainers. We will spend our days sport climbing and bouldering at the premier venues of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park seeking your dream route. We will discuss, then practice, high level route selection and redpoint techniques. Students will leave with a solid understanding of how to train for, redpoint, and send the hardest climbs in the world (one day)!

Time will be divided equally between sport and bouldering with a focus on getting stronger. Our goal will be not just to go out and climb each day, but to receive the full structure of a personal climbing coach at the crag. Through a range of high and low tech tools, we will work with you to analyze your performance each day; identify strengths and weaknesses then address those weaknesses with targeted exercises. We will learn advanced tips, tricks, and strategies for redpointing routes and problems. Throughout the week we will have guest speakers from the professional climbing world drop in and talk about their adventures and recommendations on how to climb harder!

This course is directed by TJ Sanford, a nationally recognized coach who, for the past 10 years, has worked with teams all over the country to build programs which have led many of his students to podium at Nationals. He is well suited to cross the bridge between traditional rock guiding and high level competitive team coaching.