Ski Guiding & Instruction


Discover back-country skiing in Rocky Mountain National Park. You’ll be able to tour in the mountains seeking summits and that much sought after powder stash.

KMAC guides will share their local knowledge and experience not only from the equipment and instructional side, but also their knowledge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

We suggest Alpine touring or a heavy weight free heel ski system. Call us to get our latest input on the newest and best gear.

Included in the cost is all necessary avalanche safety equipment. The Mountain Shop located in Estes Park is our rental supplier.

Notes on skiing with a Guide:  Skiing with a guide can be a lot of fun although a few things may be a bit different than skiing around your local area with friends. A few tips for traveling with a guide on skis are discussed below.

Your guide’s job is basically to help you maximize the fun, travel efficiently, and minimize the risks associated with traveling in the mountain environment. They will help you with your gear and take the necessary steps to complete your tour and ascent. They will assess and teach you about local avalanche conditions. Your guide looks for the best snow and the best skiing within the constraints of managing risks.

Please contact KMAC for pricing and to schedule private ski tours. We’ll suggest a number of tours based on you and your group’s goals.

Upcoming Ski Guiding & Instruction Schedule

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