Perhaps you’ve heard about it. Maybe you’ve seen it. Now YOU can do it! Spend a night camping out on a sheer rock face hundreds of feet off the ground. Cliff Camping should be on every adventure seekers “Bucket” list!

You’ll experience the excitement and views that only a wall climber can have.

Wine PassYou and your KMAC guide will set up a wall camp utilizing the portaledge.  After learning some climbing basics, including rappelling, and how to ascend a fixed rope using mechanical ascenders, you’ll head up to camp. High off the ground, you’ll set up your portaledge, hang out, “relax”, have some tea and snacks, and marvel with adrenalin and excitement at the setting you are in.   You can even get some climbing in before dinner. We’ll crawl into our sleeping bags before nightfall and get ready to observe the night sky.  After breakfast, you’ll rappel back down to Terra Firma eager to share this unique extreme  adventure with friends and family.

Celebrate a birthday from the portaledge.  Or make a proposal.  Be creative and make it the most unique experience that you’ll never forget!  Don’t forget your camera and phone!  A professional photographer is available to document this adventure for you.  Contact us for more information.

1-3 people can go Cliff Camping.  Offered May through September. Overnight.

 1 Person  $1200
 2 People  $800 each
 3 People  $600 each

KMAC provides all the food and gear. Participants need only provide personal clothing items.

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