Professional Development Program for KMAC Guides

KMAC demonstrates its support for  full time KMAC guides who have  a  commitment and passion  in their pursuit of  mountain guiding in all its disciplines, and to  help them pursue a professional guiding career.  Scholarships are awarded on a need and merit based scale.



A Word From the Director

Over the years I have seen the sport of climbing undergo many changes. Advances in equipment continue to keep our sport moving forward allowing climbers to test their limits ever so much further. This is vital and necessary as our sport evolves. With changes in the sport we must never lose touch with why we started to climb in the first place. We must never lose the deep, personal satisfactions that our sport has and continues to give us.

I realized many years ago that a day spent climbing outside whether it is at a local crag or in the mountains was a lot more than moving your hands and feet and trying to find holds. It’s about the people we are with, the relationships that develop, and the camaraderie of being attached to a rope, going through a shared experience that demands absolute trust and 100 percent “presence”. The more I climb, the more I realize it’s as much about the relationships between climbers as it is about climbing. Climbing is more than just a sport. It is an approach to life.

I take pride in knowing that KMAC is an industry leader for climbing instruction.  KMAC  youth camps are known for their in depth instructional format to learn the art of climbing and they continue to be one of the most highly respected programs for youth.

I look forward to helping you find a course or program that will meet and exceed your expectations.
Harry Kent
Director/Owner: Kent Mountain Adventure Center



Welcome to KMAC!  You’ve just found one of the best places to learn how to rock climb in the country. Whether you are seeking to hire a guide or looking for a group rock climbing experience, or interested in our Youth Rock Climbing Camps, we’ll work closely with you to design and outing that is custom tailored for you or your group.

From all of us here at our 10 acre home base in Estes Park bordering Rocky Mountain National Park, we look forward to welcoming you into the KMAC family, here in the majestic mountains of Colorado that we call home.